FAQ Entries Not Visible Unless Re-Saved

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FAQ Entries Not Visible Unless Re-Saved

Post by dweiss » Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:42 pm

After working normally, my phpMyFAQ installation now is refusing to show FAQs that were previously entered, unless I go to the Administrative section and "re-save" them. By "re-save" I mean I must go to the edit FAQ function and while the FAQ is on the screen click save, even though the entry was already in the system and had been saved and working properly before. When I "re-save" the entry I am making no other adjustments, the FAQ's had previously been set to "visible," and no other changes are being made.

Just to make sure I am describing the issue correctly, I have attached some images:

faq-img-1.jpg shows the status of the system prior to any changes. In this case, it is clear that two FAQs have been entered into the system in the "security issues" category. However, I am unable to view either of the two FAQs.

faq-img-2.jpg shows what happens after I enter the system as Administrator and perform the re-saving operation described above on one of the two FAQs in the security issues category. At this point we can see the entry for one of the two FAQs and it is fully accessible by clicking on its description ("Eudora says the ...."). The other FAQ in the category is still not visible, however, since it has not been re-saved.

faq-img-3.jpg shows "All Categories" / "Categories with FAQs" page, indicating that the system is clearly aware that there are FAQs in the system, even though they cannot currently be displayed unless I go through the procedure above.

I get the same results whether I attempt to view the FAQs as a normal user / site visitor, or as an Administrator while logged into the system.

What is going on here and how can I fix it other than having to go through the edit / re-save process on all the FAQs in the system? Even if the re-save procedure works, it does not explain what has happened or offer any assurance that the same problem will not occur again. I can provide screen shots of other pages from the system if that will help.



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