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Google Sitemap Problems

Post by notset4life » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:08 am

I don't want to cross post - but there were no responses in the English only forum. produces a useful sitemap. But there is a problem in the way they are read by search engines. I am using SEO friendly urls.


Code: Select all

Notice that apostophes are replaced by "underscores" (haven't)

However, I am now getting a bunch of 404 error hits to my site,
as Google sees them as:

Code: Select all

replacing the underscore with &#39

I have searching for this issue, and from what I understand, you should not use underscores for SEO purposes as search engines may not pick them up right. In fact, in other site maps, underscores are treated as dashes. .i.e. haven-t.

Any ideas on how we can resolve this so that google picks up the right urls?


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