[ Suggestion ] Hiawatha web server support in phpMyFAQ

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[ Suggestion ] Hiawatha web server support in phpMyFAQ

Post by pt20100201 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:14 pm

[ Suggestion ] Hiawatha web server support in phpMyFAQ
Dear Thorsten Rinne / Development Team

Hiawatha is an open source web server with focus on security, small footprint and user-friendly configuration and use.

Reading the specifications (specially the security related ones), we think that it would be a good candidate for phyMyFAQ's support.

Having a small footprint, phpMyFAQ could take advantage of the low Hiawatha's requirements, thus being a good choice on regions without access to adequate resources.

Perhaps it could also be integrated on a phpMyFAQ standalone version[1] (if someone want to work on a FAQ site but has no network access, and/or there is a team collecting contributions in the same situation (merging each part on a main site).

However, there is a problem: merging different phpMyFAQ-driven sites is not easy (we are facing it now).

Please notice that we aren't recommending or endorsing the referred software - we're just make a suggestion based on our readings.

[1] Calibre, Zotero and other open source software implement this (or similar) services - some with a "lite" implementation, others with an heavy one.
Note - Calibre and Zotero don't communicate directly (they should). phpMyFAQ's connection could be interesting (it isn't used only on FAQ systems) - but we understand that it isn't its purpose.
Unfortunately we don't have the time and the resources to explore this possibility.
[2] Hiawatha site

Kind regards

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Re: [ Suggestion ] Hiawatha web server support in phpMyFAQ

Post by Thorsten » Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:20 pm


did you test phpMyFAQ with Hiawatha? According to https://www.hiawatha-webserver.org/howt ... figuration it should work.

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