Attachment Error

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Attachment Error

Post by BigSid »

phpMyFAQ warning mkdir function.mkdir Permission denied

Attachments directory is owned by apache and group is apache permissions are 775 on the directory. (I have also tried 777)

phpMyFAQ warning[2] ftopen failed to open stream: No such file or directory

How do I fix these errors. I am running on 2.7.0-beta3
php 5.2.10
safe mode off

I went to 2.7.0-beta3 from 2.6. for better attachment handling.
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Re: Attachment Error

Post by jason102178 »

That message sounds like a file or somthing is missing, because the issue we had with attachment handling was fixed in the version we are working on we added a callback refresh, Beta3 is still early development stage, but we will be releasing 2.7 Release Canidate soon and hopefully that will fix any problems you may have...
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