errors after 2.8. alpha 2

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errors after 2.8. alpha 2

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i want to "upgrade" but i got alwas errors even if i make a new Dir with the same DB:

in admin Panel:
SELECT config_name, config_value FROM faqconfig
PMF_Auth_Db->checkLogin() in line 162: SELECT login FROM faquserlogin WHERE login = 'Andi'
PMF_Auth_Db->checkPassword() in line 167: SELECT login, pass FROM faquserlogin WHERE login = 'Andi'
PMF_User->getUserByLogin() in line 175: SELECT user_id, login, account_status FROM faquser WHERE login = 'Andi'
PMF_User_UserData->load() in line 349: SELECT last_modified, display_name, email FROM faquserdata WHERE user_id = 5
PMF_User_CurrentUser->updateSessionId() in line 179: UPDATE faquser SET session_id = '8dd4887b3bb76b08fa366ad5d129f73e', session_timestamp = 1349204274, last_login = '20121002205754', ip = 'xxxxxxx' WHERE user_id = 5
PMF_User_CurrentUser->login() in line 139: UPDATE faquser SET auth_source = 'local' WHERE user_id = 5
PMF_Perm_Basic->getAllRightsData() in line 172: SELECT right_id, name, description, for_users, for_groups FROM faqright ORDER BY right_id ASC

if i click on any published FAQ i retrieve:

phpMyFAQ warning [2]: file_put_contents(./data/tracking02102012) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in path/webseiten/faq1/inc/Session.php on line 132

phpMyFAQ user error [256]: Mail Class: is not a valid e-mail address! in /path/webseiten/faq1/inc/Mail.php on line 281

im running it behind a htaccess, with 3 users, without email, just Username/pass to add Faqs.

Any Ideas ?
i just deleted the old FAQ and make a completly new, only kept the DB.
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Re: errors after 2.8. alpha 2

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the alpha2 is just for testing, that's why a SQL log occurs on every page. You can disable it in inc/Bootstrap.php

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