Instanfield CSS non responsive (not resizing well)

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Instanfield CSS non responsive (not resizing well)

Post by cdsaenz » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:27 pm

First of all thanks for the AMAZING concept and realization of the tool.
Just a thing I found, in the instant response input box the size is not scaling well when the browser screen is narrowed.
You are using input-xxlarge which makes lot of sense but somehow Bootstrap seems to like something more simple. I changed it in the code below from input-xxlarge to span12 and seems to be scaling up/down right.
This is a change I made in instantresponse.tpl but I made a similar one in index.tpl.

Code: Select all


            <section class="well" id="searchBox">
                <form id="instantform" action="?action=instantresponse" method="post" class="form-search">
                    <input id="instantfield" type="search" name="search" value="{searchString}"
                           class="span12 search-query" placeholder="{msgDescriptionInstantResponse}"/>
                    <input id="ajaxlanguage" name="ajaxlanguage" type="hidden" value="{ajaxlanguage}" />

            <div id="instantresponse">

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