Bootswatch Template for Newbie question

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Bootswatch Template for Newbie question

Post by AB_123 » Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:44 am

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for your time and effort to make the php software available to all of us for free. I wanted to take the time to warmly thank you.
I installed it easily. Only one thing I had to modify on my server account : the php version must be upgraded so that the software could work.

I was willing to find some good looking template and I found spacelab on this forum (look good but the template in maintenance mode breaks), Bootswatch (idem).
Looking and discovering this : I was willing to try "Simplex" template. But the files ready for download ( min.cs, css, .less) once installed in my Bootswatch template folder in their appropriate directories (less and css) broke the Bootswatch template installed (I downloaded the complete Bootswatch template from this forum).
I'm not a coder so there is probably something I did not do correctly.
I contacted Bootswacth but he does not know PhpMyFAQ that much.
Do I have to install Bootstrap first ? I'm not sure to understand what it is exactly. In Bootswatch sites : and it says : just change the css file in bootstrap and that's it.

Sorry for asking this kind of basic questions but I'm sure other newbies will ask if it's not already done.


Going back to my previous question in a previous topic: If it's a pain to manage Bootstrap, its upgrades and other pbs that will surely occur, it maybe a much better strategy to learn to simply modify the default PhpMyFAQ template.

Thanks AB

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