Error on PDF export with images

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Error on PDF export with images

Post by soundjack » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:32 pm


On version 2.8.2 there seems to be a problem when exporting FAQs that contain images to PDF. I have uploaded the images normally to the server and they do display properly when opening the FAQ.
I get the following error:

TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: %20sslfAAAYUWlDQ1BJQ0MgUHJvZmlsZQAAWAmtWXk4Vd/X3%20eOxmu45nkeU%20apzPOQeUjJdE3X7JplKEoZUiSEKCSSKJUhJDQhGUJzhhRR0YSId1/V9/t73uf9/fee5zn7fM7aa6%20zhn32PmsdAHgZPMPCglDMAASHRFLsTPSF9rjsFcK/AnSAGwDACTg8SRFhejY2lvDuvxw/xgBC7RqRo8r6L0z/jczi7RNBAgCxgQxe3hGkYIivA4AhkMIokQBgeyBdNCYyjIpnIWajQAUhXqdivy2Mg9oDNq/fWGyLx8HOAACcOgA0DJ6eFD8ACIaQLhRN8oNyCN6wjzXEmxwCh8VCrE3y94Q0nmbIsy04OJSK30Is5fUfcvz%20A3t6ev0j09PT7x/82xY4Ej7YkBwRFuQZt3Xz/9kEB0VBf20dwrBl8KeY2sErG/RbSWCoBRUzQNwQ4mVlDTErxG1kaNEfPOAfZeoIMZV/ghRhAH0JOCD%205u1paAExHwAouqhAR70/WMKTAtEWP0qfHGnm8Ac7UULt (.......)

Is this known or is there a way to fix it?

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Re: Error on PDF export with images

Post by Thorsten » Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:40 pm


TCPDF, the PDF library we use, doesn't support base64 encoded images (yet).

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