Mysql crash after update

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Mysql crash after update

Post by coudy » Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:31 am

after update from 2.8.5 to 2.8.7 mysql db crash:

Code: Select all

mysqlcheck phpmyfaq
phpmyfaq.faqadminlog                               OK
phpmyfaq.faqattachment                             OK
phpmyfaq.faqattachment_file                        OK
phpmyfaq.faqcaptcha                                OK
phpmyfaq.faqcategories                             OK
phpmyfaq.faqcategory_group                         OK
phpmyfaq.faqcategory_user                          OK
phpmyfaq.faqcategoryrelations                      OK
phpmyfaq.faqchanges                                OK
phpmyfaq.faqcomments                               OK
phpmyfaq.faqconfig                                 OK
warning  : Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed
warning  : Size of datafile is: 499096       Should be: 498580
error    : Keypointers and record positions doesn't match
warning  : Found 196 deleted space.   Should be 0
warning  : Found 1 deleted blocks       Should be: 0
warning  : Found 41 key parts. Should be: 21
error    : Corrupt
phpmyfaq.faqdata_group                             OK
phpmyfaq.faqdata_revisions                         OK
phpmyfaq.faqdata_tags                              OK
phpmyfaq.faqdata_user                              OK
phpmyfaq.faqglossary                               OK
phpmyfaq.faqgroup                                  OK
phpmyfaq.faqgroup_right                            OK
phpmyfaq.faqinstances                              OK
phpmyfaq.faqinstances_config                       OK
phpmyfaq.faqnews                                   OK
phpmyfaq.faqquestions                              OK
phpmyfaq.faqright                                  OK
phpmyfaq.faqsearches                               OK
phpmyfaq.faqsessions                               OK
phpmyfaq.faqstopwords                              OK
phpmyfaq.faqtags                                   OK
phpmyfaq.faquser                                   OK
phpmyfaq.faquser_group                             OK
phpmyfaq.faquser_right                             OK
phpmyfaq.faquserdata                               OK
phpmyfaq.faquserlogin                              OK
phpmyfaq.faqvisits                                 OK
phpmyfaq.faqvoting                                 OK
I was able to fix it with

Code: Select all

myisamchk -v -r -o -f /<path_to_db_file>/faqdata
but it should be investigated, why it happens

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Re: Mysql crash after update

Post by Thorsten » Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:35 pm


do you have any error log for MySQL? Is the crash reproduceable?

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