Big bugs with groups

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Big bugs with groups

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After several searches, I understood how to create groups but I have several bugs.

If I'm not mistaken, I have to go to the security configuration and I have to set the permission level to medium to unlock the option to create groups.

First problem, I no longer have access to the articles. When I click on it, nothing happens and if I want to edit an article in the administration, it tells me that there is no entry. If I create one and want to edit it, again I have no entry.

As soon as I reset the permission level to basic, I get everything back.

Then, if I test the creation of a group and I configure the permissions of a category, the latter disappears from my list of categories in the administration and on the index, if I click on it, I have a page white.

If I go back to basic, the category is still displayed on the index (but not in the administration) but I still get a blank page. It is as if granted permission removes the category.

And I'm not sure the groups themselves will work because when I create one, the members are automatically integrated into it and I can't delete them.

can you help me ?

Thank you
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Re: Big bugs with groups

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which version do you use?

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