[Suggestion] Using Piwik with phpMyFAQ for advanced statisti

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[Suggestion] Using Piwik with phpMyFAQ for advanced statisti

Post by pt20100201 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:10 pm

[Suggestion] Using Piwik with phpMyFAQ for advanced statistics

Dear Thorsten Rinne / Development Team

Software like phpMyFAQ must have a statistic module – which it as.

However, adding more (and more,…) features to it may transform a good and simple feature into a complex one (slower, difficult to use and manage – including the base code).

We think that phpMyFAQ's statistic module should remain simple and lean to use.

For detailed analysis, we use the open source Piwik package [ http://www.piwik.org/ ] - that other departments are (now) using, even for system logs analysis.

It would be interesting - in our opinion - to develop a connection mechanism between phpMyFAQ and Piwik: either by creating a specific plug-in for Piwik or by extracting the relevant information created by Piwik (or both).

Thus, users that need simple statistical information may use the PhpMyFAQ's one.

More detailed information (needing intensive processing power) could be retrieved from Piwik.

Naturally, the information transferred between both programs (specially if hosted on different servers) must use secure mechanisms - the channel itself, secure cookies and tokens, etc).

Please notice that
the software and other resources referred are based in our experiments/experience: we aren't officially recommending and/or endorsing them.

Kind regards

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