[ Suggestion ] “Live” category selection list on record edit

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[ Suggestion ] “Live” category selection list on record edit

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[ Suggestion ] “Live” category selection list on record edit mode
Dear Thorsten Rinne / Development Team

At user administration interface, writing a “login” triggers the visualization of a live list with possible matches – somewhat similar to the “instant search” results.

In our opinion, it would be useful to include that feature on record edition mode - when selecting the record's (sub)category.

It could (should?) be implemented in parallel with the current one.

This is specially important if there is a large number of categories/subcategories, and/or there is a deep subcategory nesting – not a good practice, but (unfortunately) quite common.

A side note:
the trash icon colors may lead to some degree of confusion (specially on the category administration page) and/or access difficulties to persons with color vision deficiency.

A fast (and “raw”) suggestion: using
  • a “white” icon for available delete operation,
  • a cross or a diagonal line over the icon related to “non deletable” (restricted) item,
  • a dark icon if the delete operation is not allowed (but the item is not restricted).
We'll try to post another article about the difficulties / different interpretations that many of our users (with different backgrounds) present to us about categories management, their visualisation and access restriction (in edit mode and in standard web's access).
Kind regards
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