Guest can view and download attachments

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Guest can view and download attachments

Post by nemo656 »

Please allow or make a setting for guests and users not logged in to be able to view and download attachments.

This is a make or break issue for me. Unfortunately I can't use this current version of phpmyfaq if users can't see and download attachments

I current use a very old script called LORE. We use it in our small office intranet to share tips, documentation, and procedures. Most users do not write or add anything to the pages in the knowledge base they only use it for viewing and are not logged in users. There are only three people that add content and they are the only ones that actually log in. I really need the ability to share the attachments.

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Re: Guest can view and download attachments

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phpMyFAQ 2.9 supports downloads by guests. I can also provide a patch for 2.8.

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