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Search Engine issues

Post by lyowhite » Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:37 pm

On our phpMyFAQ site, we were wondering how the record sorting has a direct impact on searching. Currently, our site visits weigh heavily and we are wondering if our search results are accurate.

Is it true that keywords weigh more than the questions and answers? According to our test results, when the search term is used both in the question and keyword, or in the answer and keyword, they rank lower than if it was just entered the keyword. If this is not the correct way as it was intended, can you tell us what we are doing incorrectly?

Also, we would like the capability of being able to manipulate what weighs the most. If our test results are accurate and the "keywords" weighs the most,then how could we adjust / move the scale ourselves; followed by keywords; then followed by answers.

We would also like it better if the FAQ's with the most number of search terms would populate highest in rank.

The mathematical equation would look something like this:

3Q + 2K + A = weight. Q = question; K = Keyword and A = Answer, where the number of times the search terms are entered into as the variable.
Any FAQs that has equal numbers can be sorted either by alphabetically by question, or numerical by the Unique ID#.

If anyone can point us in the right direction, we will really appreciate it immensely.

Thank you very much!

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