[Information] Social networks and security&Bruce Schneier's

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[Information] Social networks and security&Bruce Schneier's

Post by pt20100201 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:24 pm

[Information] Social networks and security – with an excerpt from a Bruce Schneier's blog article
Dear All,

This may not be the correct forum to post this reference to Bruce Schneier's article (our apologies).

Bruce Schneier is a highly respected security expert.

A public accessible FAQ site mustn't have sensible information.

Those who have must
  • run on a secure network,
  • activate all security options,
  • remove the social networks icons / links from pages,
  • use only HTTPS,
  • etc

phpMyFAQ has built-in security features, and you may remove those buttons / links from your pages.

Having said that, in our opinion, reading Bruce Schneier's article is useful -- even considering the high level of expertise of this forum's users.

The excerpt:
The problem is that these buttons use images, scripts, and/or iframes hosted on the social media site's own servers. This is partly for webmasters' convenience (…) But it also gives Facebook, Twitter, Google, and so on a way to track you -- even if you don't click on the button.(…)

“What I'm using instead is SocialSharePrivacy, which was created by the German website Heise Online and adapted by Mathias Panzenböck.  The page shows a grayed-out mockup of a sharing button.(…)

“It's not a perfect solution -- two clicks instead of one -- but it's much more privacy-friendly(…)"
Link to the original article:

Changes to the Blog
Bruce Schneier. 2013-03-22.
https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/ ... o_the.html 

Kind regards

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