Tutorial for installation on Windows ?

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Tutorial for installation on Windows ?

Post by Yoshi »


Is there a tutorial (step-by-step / How-to / YouTube) availabe for installation of phpMyFaq on a Windows server ? I'm not familiar with the setup of web-servers (I 've added the role "IIS" with defaults, just added CGI enabled) and Linux is "far-away-from-my-bed". Even more, PHP is something completely new for me :(

I have:
  • Server 2016 with IIS (CGI enabled)
  • PostGreSQL 9.6 with pgAdmin to access the database server
  • Installed PHP Version 7.3.6
I' ve downloaded the ZIP-file phpmyfaq-2.9.13.zip and unpacked the content to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FAQ

Also, I've enabled the following extension in C:\PHP\php.ini
  • extension=curl
  • extension=fileinfo
  • extension=gd2
  • extension=pgsql
I've edited the database.php file with parameters 'server', 'user', 'password', 'db', and 'type'. Addtional I've created an empty database using pgAdmin.

So far, when I open, I receive a message:

"It seems you're already running a version of phpMyFAQ. Please use the update script"

This is not the case, as my database is an empty database. So I cannot run an update script. So far, seems logic. But what step did I mis ? Or was it not necesarry to create an empty database ?
Any help is welcome.

Best regards,

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Re: Tutorial for installation on Windows ?

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delete the file database.php. This is described in the documentation, that the database.php file is created by installation script.

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