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Applying a simple copied template renders differently

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:35 am
by loicaigon

I am trying to personnalize a template following the documentation. I copied default and edited minor values (some colors basically).
My main concern is that I am having weird behaviours that I can't really explain and would enjoy a tip.
Side note : I am not a programmer myself so I may struggle on items that will look trivial to you.

So for example, the search magnifier icon is not on the same location :

Original look :

My render :

The main page also behaves very differently :
Original :
My render :

Just as a reminder, I didn't touch any css that deals with positioning or graphic attributes other than colors.
So my post is to understand what would make such differences while I just compiled scss from a copy of the default template with only color definitions changes.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.