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Post by johanna » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:05 pm


I found phpMyFAQ when I was looking for this kind of software for my employer. I fell in love with phpMyFAQ and will have it on several of my websites! Here is one layout I made for a local Internet tv website. You can see it live here: Heinävesi.tv

Attached are few pictures and files that I altered. Here is explanation for modifications:
/template/colors.css ::
/template/index.tpl ::
/template/main.tpl :: Took div id="news" away
/template/news.tpl :: Took div id="news" away
/template/startpage.tpl :: Took RSS links away
/template/style.css ::
/inc/Category.php :: In printCategories() set <ul><li> in the beginning of output, replaced $a = 'class="active"'; with $a = 'active'; to have class attribute for active links
/inc/Faq.php :: In getTopTen() modified output

I hope you will enjoy my layout! (:
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