How to ... re-order sub categories? 2.9.9

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How to ... re-order sub categories? 2.9.9

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The documentation says:
phpMyFAQ lets you create different categories and nested sub-categories for your FAQ. You can also re-arrange your categories in a different order.
Notice this is not a "how to". It belongs on a feature list. So I am just trying to figure out how to actually do this.

I can swap top level categories. Great.

But how to swap items at a level below the root?

In the admin panel, when I click on a top level cat name, it expands to show me sub categories. Great.

Then what? I want to click on a sub category and expand it. But it is not clickable.

PS: There are usually two ways to re-order lists. Drag n drop or an additional filed to specify ordering. Neither is used in phpFaq. So an additional explanation in the docs would sure save some time.

Thank you
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