Please change the password requirements for this forum

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Please change the password requirements for this forum

Post by Seikilos » Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:45 am

Honestly this registration form does really really really s*ck!
I was forced to use lower and uper case chars, digits and special chars. Who the hack except some unix hardcore users use passwords like that on a simple forum? I am aware of strong passwords but the requirement on this forum is ridiculous. phpBB must have an option to turn that lower, how will hack the phpmyfaq forum for that?

In the two minutes after registering and waiting for the mail I have already forgotten the damn password and needed to retrieve a new one.

This is probably not the best first post in this forum, but come on, I already tried to register 4 times, the other 3 times the password field turned me off.

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