How to add the copyright information in feed

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How to add the copyright information in feed

Post by marco.chan » Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:39 am

How to add the copyright information in feed? share methods.
edit feed/latest/rss.php

add code:

Code: Select all

        //RSS copyright
$copyright ='<div>转摘请注明出处:<a href="" target="_blank" title="">'.$faqconfig->get('main.titleFAQ'). '</a> - 《<a rel="bookmark" title="'.$item['thema'].'" href="'.$link.'" target="_blank">'.$item['thema'].'</a>》</div>
             <div>本文链接地址:<a href="'.$link.'" target="_blank" title="'.$item['thema'].'">'.PMF_Link::getSystemUri('/feed/latest/rss.php').$link.'</a></div>
			 <div>订阅最新文章:<a href="" target="_blank" title="订阅最新文章"></div>';
        // Fix the content internal image references
        $content = str_replace("<img src=\"/", "<img src=\"".PMF_Link::getSystemUri('/feed/latest/rss.php')."/", $content.$copyright);
Results look here: ,at the end of each record has a copyright information.
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